Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tech Use at Home? How Much - How Little?

Hello parents!

I would love to begin a discussion about educational technology and kids' use of screens for student free time.

I came across this article, which is excellent:  Melinda Gates Wasn't Prepared For the Effect of Technology on Her Kids

It is true that educational technology engages students -- and has a definite space in our classrooms. Our students do need to learn to be technology savvy -- and should learn how to create and communicate in different platforms.

I remain, however, concerned about the use of technology overall for our kids - especially during their free time. I applaud creating a Family Media Plan:  Create a Family Media Plan. Here you can decide as a family how much technology is okay. It behooves us to do some research about the effect of technology on developing kids -- socially and emotionally.

With that, I also recommend staying on top of your child's use of social media -- who and what they text, what apps they use -- and their use of video games. My one tip is that all cell phones be turned off in the evening and placed in a basket in the kitchen. Cell phones are mini-computers after all -- and can create a scenario where students are not getting enough sleep or are spending too much time on social media.

Later this year I would like to host a parent evening on cyber awareness. In the meantime -- let's read on!